Jon Kedi Art


I have been teaching movement, organizing events, and leading groups for over twenty years.

In the mid-2000s, I opened a martial arts dojo that I ran for about four years, where I taught aikido, iaido, and taijquan. When my personal practice shifted in focus from martial arts to yoga (asana), I closed my dojo and began teaching yoga. After about six years of teaching in the US and internationally, I gave up my asana practice. Shortly thereafter, I began teaching rope, which I have done at a wide range of events around the US. I have also taught capoeira, acroyoga, and social dance.

In addition to teaching movement, I was involved with professional academic education and coaching for nearly a decade. This work strongly influences my approach to teaching and pedagogy.

I currently teach a limited number of classes and workshops each year in select modalities, including rope, social dance (blues and/or fusion), contact improv, and interdisciplinary movement and connection.

I also offer consulting and coaching for educators, organizers, and other space holders on how to foster healthier and more inclusive communities and events.

For more information on my offerings, contact me via email at jon @ or on Instagram @jonkediart.

Below are a few photos from a rope workshop I taught with “G” in late 2022. Thanks to Rust and Bone Media for capturing the images!