Jon Kedi Art


Jon Kedi is a movement, visual, and performance artist and educator based in the Midwest US. He can be reached via email at jon @ or on Instagram @kediart.


Jon began his movement practice with Japanese martial arts. After teaching aikido and iaido for several years, Jon’s interest shifted to yoga. He spent over a year in India studying yoga asana and philosophy and has taught classes and workshops in the US, Europe, and Asia. He has also undertaken in-depth studies of capoeira, taijiquan, and acroyoga. 

Jon began practicing the Japanese style of tying people with rope (often called shibari or kinbaku) in 2014. He co-founded Chicago Rope in 2015. Jon’s approach to tying is informed by his somatic arts background and his ongoing exploration of the mind and body. He performs  and teaches rope in the US and internationally.


Jon started exploring digital photography in the late 1990s, primarily focusing on nature and portraiture along with some early explorations of erotic art. Jon’s visual aesthetic has been shaped by a wide exposure to a diverse range of creative influences. Jon looks to the great photographers such as Richard Avedon for inspiration but also draws more widely upon the work of artists and theorists such as Jenny Holzer, Dan Flavin, and Donald Judd as well as from various contemporary underground and street art movements. He is particularly interested in how the nature and interpretation of erotic images is evolving as a result of the increasing accessibility of cameras and distribution platforms.

Photo by Kyle Asperger / Studio 301